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FAW club accreditation programme 2017-18

June - August 2017: Clubs to start updating CAP workbook for season 2017-18 and send to the league; Renew DBSs, ensure new coaches book on courses and obtain DBSs.

Clubs to ensure they meet standard level of accreditation as a minimum.


August 31 2017: Deadline day - all clubs to meet standard level as a minimum.


September - December  2017: Clubs to book coaches on appropriate courses when their coach qualifications expire on 31 December 2017. There is no entension for Leaders renewal this season.


January 31, 2018: Deadline day for all clubs to send in updated CAPs if there  is any changes to qualifications and DBSs, or they have carried out extra work to meet higher level of accreditation


Player Registration

Players MUST be registered EACH SEASON with the league and hold a player licence to play organised football.

  • Players U10 to U16 register using the FAW J8 registration form. Players U7 to U9 register using the East Gwent registration form.
  • U12s to U16s need a yellow player licence. 
  • Mini football players (U8s, U9s, U10s, and U11s) need a green junior player licence. 
  • U7s do not need a licence.

Area borders within Wales

There are six Area Associations in Wales and their borders are defined by the FAW. All Junior players must reside within the boundary of the Area Association. If a player wishes to play outside the area he mmust get sanction from the Area Association he resides in every season, to play outside the area. It does not matter whether the player had played for a club or not.

Players at Academies

Please be advised of the following regulations that can impact clubs in our league as we border counties in England and there are clubs within 50 km who play in the English Pyramid System.  


Under FIFA Regulations a player 10 years of age or older cannot play for two different clubs in two different countries (e.g. England and Wales) at the same time.  

What this means is "No competitive player in age group U12s - U16s players and no mini-football player aged 10 or older in the U10 or U11 age group can register with a club academy in England and register/play for a club in Wales.


Playing for Club Academies/Development Centres who are part of the English Pyramid System  (e.g, clubs such as Swansea City, Cardiff City, Newport County, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Hereford United, Cheltenham Town, to name a few):


  • A junior player aged 10 or over who registers with an Football Club Academy who are part of the English Pyramid System cannot register to play for a Junior club in the East Gwent League or in Wales
  • If a junior player aged 10 or over is purely attending A Development Centre of a club in English Pyramid System for training purposes only and not playing/registered to play games, then they can register and play for a Junior club in the East Gwent League or in Wales. 
  • Please be advised that some of clubs in the English Pyramid system may refer to their Academy as a Development Centre, Elite Performance Centres or other terms. Clubs should check whether players are playing league games, such as the Midand Junior Premier league.
  • If Clubs are in doubt please consult the league because any misdemeanor can result in misconduct against club and player involved.

Playing for clubs and FAW Academies

  • A junior player can register with an FAW Academy and register to play for a Junior club in the East Gwent League or in Wales. Clubs should note that these players will not be available to play in league games when they are playing for an FAW Academy due to the Academy playing on the same time day as our league games.

Female players and mixed football - Important information

June 6, 2014. Please note that  all girls up to the age of 16 can play in mixed football within Gwent. Girls up to the age of 16 are allowed to register with East Gwent Junior clubs and have been doing so for many years. .


The FAW rule is that if there is no Girls League in the geographical area of the Area Association then girls, up to the age of 16, can play in mixed football. The Gwent County FA and the East Gwent Junior Youth League have abided by this rule. 


Any advise that you may have been given that  stated 'girls must stop playing for a mixed team when they reach the age of 12', is misleading information. 


The South Wales Girls League, affiliated to the South Wales FA, allows the few girls teams in Gwent to play in their league because there is no Girls football league provision in our area.

Match Report Reminder

5 January 2015: Please note that the Full name (First & Last Name) MUST be printed on Match Report Sheets together with the 6 digit FAW number. No initials, nicknames or old Gwent County Licence Numbers should be used on the form. The FAW number has to be listed for each player that played or was named on the sheet.

Player Licence Reminder

Players licence applications must have the photo affixed to the card and the details completed, otherwise they cannot be processd and will be returned to the club concerned.

Public Liability Insurance

You can find out about the FAW legal liability policy here

Tournaments and Festivals - Important notice

Tournaments/Festivals in Gwent:  Clubs need sanction from Gwent County FA to stage a Tournament/Festival - FORM E must be completed.  Clubs do not need sanction to play in the Tournament/Festival in Gwent, but need to ensure the Tournament/festival is sanctioned.


Tournaments/Festivals outside Gwent but in Wales: Clubs need sanction from Gwent County FA to play in the Tournaments/Festivals run outside of Gwent but in Wales. 


Tournaments/Festivals outside of Wales: Clubs need sanction from Gwent County FA & FAW to play in Tournaments/Festivals outside of Wales. The Gwent County FA will arrange FAW sanction on completion on the relevant form.

Notice from Gwent County FA
Important information for running tournaments and playing friendly games
Tournament Sanction 12.06.2013 (4).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [96.9 KB]



Respect the ref's decision!

Stay Behind the line!

Applaud all good play!

Always Encourage players!

Make it a fun, enjoyable, positive experience for young players!

Club Notices

Click here to view notices from clubs


All aflliated clubs must meet FAW accreditation standards. Click here for more information

Player registration

All players need to be licensed and registered by member clubs before they can play organised football. To register players please visit the information section of our website.

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