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Club accreditation 2016-17

It is a condition of affiliation to the Gwent County Football Association that all Junior Clubs engage in the FAW Club Accreditation Programme. Every season all junior clubs are required to get accredited by the FAW.

  • The FAW Club Accreditation Programme (CAP) for 2016-17 requires clubs to complete and submit a CAP Workbook (Excel), for which there is CAP workbook guide (PDF), as well as completing a DBS-Coach Ed checklist (Excel).
  • The later checklist is used for those volunteers and coaches that are in process of obtaining DBSs and are booking on FAW coach education courses.
  • As a minimum (Standard level accreditation) - you need one coach with Football Leaders Award per team and one qualified 1st Aid person per team (It can be the same named coach with leaders). Plus all volunteers with access to children need valid DBS and FAW number.
  • The full criteria for each level of accreditation (Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold) is in the guide, and you can answer the questions in the workbook to see which level of accreditation you want to meet or wnat to apply for.
  • The CAP workbook and Checklist documents need to be submitted to the league by 31 July 2016.
  • Any volunteers and coaches that need their DBS and/or Football leaders/First Aid qualifications in order to meet the minimum standard must be on the checklist. That is their DBS is in process and they havebooked on a course.


If clubs fail to engage in this process they will be in danger of being suspended by The Football Association of Wales Compliance Department. 


FAW CAP Workbook 2016-17
Club Accreditation Workbook: Complete all worksheets from Application to Gold criteria tab.
FAW Club Accreditation - DATA CAPTURE WO[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [84.5 KB]
FAW DBS Checklist and Coach Education Checklist
Complete this document for DBS checks and coach education checks.
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.6 KB]
FAW CAP Workbook Guide
Explains how to use the CAP workbook and details criteria for each accreditation level
FA Wales - McDonald's CAP GUIDE BOOK 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

Junior Portal (no longer used for accrediation)

FAW Junior Club Portal - Administrators Registration Form
Use this from to register your details to access the portal for your club.
Portal Club Registration Form (2).docx
Microsoft Word document [281.2 KB]

Safeguarding forms - Always visit FAW Safeguarding for the latest information

FAW Safeguarding Club Verifier Registration Form
Use this form for CSO to apply for CRB/DBS Verifier role.
FAW Club Verifier Registration Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [49.1 KB]
FAW Safeguarding - Online Verifier Form
Use this form to register with WCVA Criminal Records Unit.
FAW Online ID Verifier Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [26.6 KB]



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Stay Behind the line!

Applaud all good play!

Always Encourage players!

Make it a fun, enjoyable, positive experience for young players!

Club Notices

Click here to view notices from clubs


All aflliated clubs must meet FAW accreditation standards. Click here for more information

Player registration

All players need to be licensed and registered by member clubs before they can play organised football. To register players please visit the information section of our website.

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