East Gwent AFL Juniors
East Gwent AFL Juniors
Monmouthshire Junior Association Football League
Monmouthshire Junior Association Football League

Contacting the League


If you have any queries and you are not an official of a club affiliated to the league.


1. Looking for a junior club to join?

- Please refer to junior club contacts or visit a junior club website


2. Misconduct at games

- The Gwent County FA deals with all cases of misconduct by clubs, players, officials or spectators. Any protest must be made in writing to the Gwent County FA through the club secretary. Please contact your club secretary should you have a concern


3. Junior League rules

- The League is administered in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association of Wales. Please contact your junior club secretary should you have a query about the rules.


Contacts For Official Business

Use these contacts if you are a club secretary or team manager. 


Generation Secretary 

Derek Harris

Telephone: 01291 625650

E-mail: secretary@monmouthshirejuniorleague.co.uk



Fixtures Secretary & Club Accreditation

E-mail: results@monmouthshirejuniorleague.co.uk





Respect the ref's decision!

Stay Behind the line!

Applaud all good play!

Always Encourage players!

Make it a fun, enjoyable, positive experience for young players!

Club Notices

Click here to view notices from clubs


All aflliated clubs must meet FAW accreditation standards. Click here for more information

Player registration

All players need to be registered by member clubs on the FAW Comet system before they can play organised football. 

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